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G.Round is a unique platform, where you can discover unreleased outstanding games that are free to play for you. It allows you to connect with the developers that are creating your favourite titles on the platform and other gamers from your region.
We recruit talented studios from around the world, and select games regardless of platform and genre, which means we got puzzle, action, strategy games and more, that will be launched on mobile, PC or console.
We aim to launch G.Round in Q1 2020. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we open our beta testing, or join our discord.
Sign up now for updates and/or join our Discord. When the platform is released, all you have to do is register an account, and you can start playing.
Other than getting access to exclusive and unreleased titles, being an active member of G.Round will earn you G. Points that you can use to get in game rewards and other titles. As an active member, you also have the potential to be selected as a special guest for our offline demo days around the world.

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How does G.Round benefit Game Developers?

We understand that being a game developer comes with multiple challenges, one of them is finding your best target market among 195 very different countries. They all have unique gaming behaviour(s), spending power(s) and preference(s).

G.Round helps you minimise the guessing by showcasing your game(s) with Trusted Testers from top 20 gaming countries like US, Japan, Germany and more to come in the future!

How does G.Round work?


Submit your game

We accept games that are 70% to 80% developed, or almost ready for launch.


Pick a country

At launch, we will have Trusted Testers from the top 20 countries for the gaming industry.


Iterate! Iterate! Iterate!

Create surveys, polls and collect quantitative and qualitative data to adapt your game to the market!


Get Ready for Release

Now that you got the data, release the game to the selected market, or present your data to publishers!

Our Trusted Network!

Our partnership with Global Top Round gives us access to a trusted network of publishers and investors that will be on our platform to scout the next big game titles and studios. With 14+ publishing partners and 10+ investment partners it’s a great addition to G.Round.
If you are a gaming studio looking for investment and acceleration you can contact them at gtr@globaltopround.com or check out their website at https://www.globaltopround.com

I have more questions!

G.Round will release as a public beta in Q1 2020. Got a game you want to submit, or have more questions? Contact us!

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